Classic Lash Extension Training


Classic lash extensions are the original style of lash extensions, and the first technique that most Lash Artists should learn. Classic lashes is the method of placing one single lash extension on each individual natural lash. This gives your client a more natural look, but still adding thickness and length to their lashes. This is the foundation that you want to start with before moving on to more advanced techniques.

We will set you up with the proper training and a solid foundation in this beginners class to give your clients beautiful classic sets and also make it much easier for you to perform advanced styling and lash sets in the future.

  • For beginning and intermediate Lash Artists
  • Video theory workshop prerequisite
  • Tuani Lash signature classic lashing techniques
  • Learn the PROPER foundation of lash application
  • Best retention techniques
  • Proper removal
  • Understanding proper set up
  • Policies, pricing, customer retention
  • Photography fundamentals
  • Social media and marketing
  • Certificate of completion
  • Hands on practice (2 models recommended)
  • Kit is provided



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