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Introducing our revolutionary lash extension primer – specially formulated to enhance the performance of your lash extension treatments. This unique solution is designed to prime the natural lashes’ cuticles, resulting in stronger adhesion and faster attachment.

Our primer is especially effective on clients with oily skin, as it helps to remove oil, skincare products, and makeup that can interfere with bonding and retention. Using our primer ensures that the glue will stick to the surface of the natural lashes, rather than oil or dirt particles, resulting in longer lasting extensions.

Reduce application time and increase your number of clients per day with our lash extension primer. Its non-slip formula allows for faster attachment of extensions, and its ability to clean the natural lashes means you’ll see a dramatic increase in retention. Don’t settle for less, take your lash extension game to the next level with our specially formulated lash extension primer.

It is important to note that not using a primer can lead to issues with retention and bonding, which will impact the final result of your work. So, using a primer is a must to achieve the best results in your lash extension treatments.

– 15ml

– Professional use only


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