Meet Clara


Meet Clara Grant, the mastermind behind the techniques, methods and practices at Tuani Lash Studio and Academy.

What started as a simple goal to find her life passion quickly turned into an eternal love for all things lashes. For Clara, lashing is a way to feed her artistic soul and entrepreneurial spirit – a way to make others love the skin they’re in and share in the beauty of the world.

However, her road to becoming a world-renowned Lash Master wasn’t one void of hard work and perseverance. Being a stay-at-home mother of 3, Clara had to juggle her responsibilities as a caregiver and wife as well as a professional in a new career. But that didn’t stop her. Wherever she trained – from Lashmakers in Miami and OKO Lash in Russia, to Avemo in Norway and Bordeaux in Kazakhstan – Clara soaked up every drop of lash knowledge this world has to offer so that she can deliver that combined experience and training directly to all her students at all levels. No matter how intense the training was or how hard the balancing act of life seemed to be, the allure of independence and drive for perfection was there to rekindle her spirit and reinvigorate her passion. And this is exactly what Clara instills in all her students to this day. Because through the countless hours of training, the tremendous financial investment given to developing her excellent set of skills and standards, and the hunger to create her very own lash academy and open up – not one but two! – lash studios, Clara has shown that her never ending ambition is the true magic that fuels dreams and brings to life the possibility of anything.

So we welcome you to join Clara in her boundless discoveries and endless inspiration that is lashes and teaching. Because above all, we guarantee that you will receive training from someone who uses both her hands and heart to craft you into the exceptional lash pro that she already knows you are.

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